BEE Outdoors Preschool

​​The BEE Academy of Early Learning

At Bloom Early Education, Edmonds, WA

BEE Outdoors Summer  Program

Join us for our fun Summer Program - an extension of our regular program.

We have spots available in July and August, and invite you to join us for a week, or two, or as many as you like!

July 1 - 5  Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!! Let's start Summer off with a POP! (Closed July 4th)

July 8 - 12  Plastic Free Week.Let's be scientist and explore how much we use plastic and how we can change our habits to help the Earth.

July 15 - 19  All About English Ivy. This Ivy is an invasive species - let's explore what this means, and figure out ways to use the ivy to develop fine motor skills and creative thinking - perhaps weaving a basket?

July 22 - 26  Nurturing Local Animals. Join us as we think about ways to care for our local wild life, and make food for them this week.

July 22 - August 2  Bugs are Awesome-  and we want them to stay we're going to make Bug Hostels!!

August 5 - 9  Fire!Summer is a great time for camping, and also learning all about fire: how to be fire safe, and also how to build a camp fire!

August 12 - 16  Working with Wood- join us and learn how to use a whole lot of different tools to carve, drill, and create things out of wood.

August 19 - 23  It's Water Week! We'll be designing rivers, creeks and lakes in the PlayGarden.

Program Details
Monday - Friday  | 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Children bring their own snack
​Small group size of 12 max. with two teachers
Weekly Tuition: 

$165  - 5 days per week or

 $115 - 3 days per week
Summer Registration Fee: $20 per family

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Our afternoon program is UNIQUE!

BEE Outdoors is a predominantly outdoor program which incorporates developmentally-appropriate nature-based learning for children three to five years old.

Our curriculum uses nature and the outdoor environment as the canvas for children to explore and learn about the natural sciences, mathematics,  and literacy, while developing crucial skills like cooperation and teamwork, inventiveness, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, amongst others.

The BEE Outdoors program encourages children to be daring and adventurous, while learning how to care for each other and the planet.

The time spent indoors in the classroom is used to plan learning experiences with the children, and consolidate and expand on concepts experienced outdoors, as well as give children time to reflect on their learning.

Join us for an outdoor learning adventure like no other! 

Program Details

  • Monday - Friday | Year-Round Program
  • (Mon - Thurs as of Fall 2019)
  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Children bring their own snack
  • ​Small group size of 12 max. with two teachers

Weekly Tuition:  $165  - 5 days per week | $115 - 3 days per week
Annual Registration Fee: $100 per family
Annual Education Fee: $125 per child