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A Place for Parents & Guardians of Children: Toddlers - Teens
​At Bloom Early Education, we believe in families of all kinds, and we believe in building strong partnerships with families to support their children's social, emotional, behavioral, and learning growth. We believe strong families build strong communities. We focus on connecting families with each other to build friendships, grow support networks, and build knowledge and skills to better understand their children.

The Beehive provides families a variety of in-person and online opportunities and services to learn, grow, and be successful with their children in the early years and beyond.

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Online Classes

Dealing With A Temper Tantrum   Sign up for this self-paced thirty minute course about  how to handle those pesky temper tantrums!
 $10 per person |
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Successful Bed Time  We'll look at how to make bed time less stressful and  create a functional bedtime routine. 
$10 per person | 
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To TIME OUT or not to TIME OUT?  Is time out working fr you and your child? In this  presentation we look at how to use time out more  effectively, as well as introduce some alternatives  which may work better!
$10 per person | 
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Workshop & Webinar Calendar

  • Bloom Early Education | 1233 Olympic View Drive, Edmonds, WA, 98020
  • Registration Required
  • These workshops are for adults only. 

​​December 18th, 2019 | Webinar

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Free for Bloom Families | RSVP

$15 per guest

The Anatomy of the Temper Tantrum

Does your little one have big meltdowns? Then join us for this webinar on understanding the temper tantrum and ways to handle it without losing your cool!


February 18th, 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Free for Bloom Families | RSVP
$15 per guest

Creating Boundaries & Logical Consequences for Challenging Behaviors
Does your child like to push the boundaries? It's actually quite common behavior, and in this workshop we'll look at how to draw a line in the sand without causing a battle!
No children, please