​​The BEE Academy of Early Learning

At Bloom Early Education, Edmonds, WA

The Ocean Room

Looking for a better school readiness program?

Whether your child moves on to Kindergarten or 1st Grade from our program, they will be more than ready with well-developed social skills and the emotional maturity to handle their new learning environment.

We develop critical thinking skills and a love of learning to launch them in to their next 12 years of education. Room 3 class is highly active, 'get-your-hands-dirty', exploration and learning driven!

We base our curriculum on excellent children's books. Every month we 'study' a new book, exploring literacy, math, science, art, music and movement, people skills, and drama and imagination concepts that are anchored in the story. At the conclusion of the in-depth study, your child gets to take the book home!

Throughout the month, the children work on a child-designed long term project that promotes team work and cooperation, complex thinking, problem solving, skills application, and task completion.

Our class runs from 8:00am - 12:00pm, Monday to Friday. 

We offer a 5-day a week and a 3-day a week enrollment

Class size: 14 children + Lead Teacher & Assistant Teacher